Warm Embrace Exhibition at Soccer Club Club

Produce / Event


Our first event-based project, Warm Embrace was a multifaceted arts program featuring a number of creative elements presented in an unusual environmental context, something that has since become a bit of reoccurring thing with us.

In this case, we were approached by artist, collaborator and friend Stephen Eichhorn (see LSD0001 and LSD0008) on presenting a companion exhibition to one, Death Is Not Your Friend, he was mounting at the now defunct Ebersmoore Gallery space.


Chicago-based Drag City Records – also dear pals of ours – offered up the shuttered, private “members only” soccer bar adjacent to their headquarters, a space since known by its Soccer Club Club moniker.

Eichhorn then installed a full second show of collage, sculpture and textile-based artworks in the non-operational bar space, taking full advantage of the peculiarities of his working environment.


Regarded fashion designers Shane Gabier and Chris Peters, founders of the Creatures Of The Wind label, deejayed, and musicians Al Cisneros and Robert AA Lowe (of OM, among many other musically-related things) performed live in a rare duo format.