Letherbee Distillers

Art Direction / Design

“It took like six months and thousands of dollars worth of spices and alcohol. It pretty much bankrupted me." – Brenton Engel

Letherbee is a Chicago-based distiller of fine quality spirits. Founded by Brenton Engel in 2011, Letherbee was inspired by the positive response his homemade moonshine was getting around the city, a sought after hooch that ultimately gained a cult-like following among those in the know.

Letherbee bottles a range of craft botanical spirits made for “wellness”, a line that now includes absinthe, Bësk, gin varietals and more.

LSD partner Cody Hudson has been charged with the brand’s art direction from the start, and has and continues to create, design and oversee the company’s various art, identity, label and web elements.