OSB @ Longman & Eagle

Art Direction / Bar / Build / Concept / Curate / Design


Located on the Longman & Eagle grounds, the Off Site Bar (or OSB at L&E) is located behind and to the east of the inn proper, adjacent to and now connected to its small back patio space. 

The sixteen-seat, thirty-person space functions variously as a stand-alone ‘micro bar’, event space and tasting room, expanding into a fuller indoor / outdoor space as weather allows.

The project’s main challenge and concern was building a new kitchen and prep space for Longman & Eagle, with the only logical location being an adjacent four-car garage. A costly prospect on its own, Land and Sea developed the small ‘micro bar’ concept that – once opened – would help defray some of the upfront construction and FF&E costs.


Working with Kujawa Architecture (now Range Design), we designed the kitchen and its layout, and then developed the Off Site Bar concept out of the garage’s remaining footprint.

The limitations and previous use of the space itself informed the concept and design process, and we maintained and referenced many of the site’s primary materials. There were a number of design challenges here, issues that we worked through with a number of cost-effective, creative work-arounds. A parking requirement evolved from garage space to storage and then into banquet seating, we joined the buildings by fabricating a ‘walkway’ using low-cost pane windows, and then illustrator Ryan Duggan ably resolved the issue on how to articulate our ‘ass, gas or grass’ mentality visually, with some excellent illustrative works that have since been employed on bike helmets, shirts and more.


Oh, and we felt the project wasn’t complete without bringing a flamed-up, yellow drag racing motorcycle which now sits prominently on our ‘garage’ roof. (We’ll note that sparkplugs have been removed, naturally, given the reckless nature of our staff.)

Now fully realized, we use the space variously, and continue to curate a wide range of programming specific to the space. We’ve done a weekly ‘Saturday Sausage Shop’, have hosted arts shows, book launches, a rabbit skinning demo, pumpkin carvings, whiskey tastings and so much more.