Image Structure

Build / Engineer


Image Structure was a 2013 collaborative exhibition between architectural concern Club Club and design firm Sonnenzimmer, staged at the Public Works space in Wicker Park, based in Chicago.

The exhibition, and accompanying catalog, featured paintings and textiles, the latter of which were featured on acrylic wood ‘displays’ designed by Cyril Marsolier and Wallo Villacorta of Club Club.


Breaking rank from the flat planes that have defined and dictated much of their previous work, the show found Sonnenzimmer moving from “static two-dimensional imagery to a more malleable format,” one that here— through their collaboration with Club Club—was influenced by the three-dimensional forms they designed to support the textile-based works.

But how to build and engineer these complex, elaborate displays? Villacorta approached LSD partner Jon Martin, who reviewed the designs and drawings, and then engineered and built the wooden structures in our studio. These then acted as textile displays, constructions that both contributed to and supported the work.

photos: Wallo Villacorta

photos: Wallo Villacorta