Wolf Eyes @ Land and Sea Dept.

Art Direct / Curate / Design / Produce

“The undeniable highlight was Wolf Eyes, giving the noise some traditional musical legitimacy.”
– Jordan Mainzer, Frontier Psychiatrist


We were approached to present a “non-traditional” performance with psychedelic skatenoise ensemble Wolf Eyes in Chicago, and used the opportunity to establish a new event series, Audial LSD, where we record a performance in a live context, and then process and reproduce it some sort of recorded format.

In this case, we settled on the Land and Sea Dept. studios for the performance itself, a show proper that included additional performances by Gas Mask Horse, Panicsville, Wrekmeister Harmonies and Ryley Walker. LSD principal Cody Hudson created and designed the aesthetic components for the show, including the primary show image used in promotional efforts.


Engineer Jason Balla recorded the Wolf Eyes set, material that was sent back to the band for review.

We ultimately decided on a one-sided ‘flexi-disc’ format for the recorded piece, in blazing orange, which allows for six minutes of material. The Wolf Eyes boys reworked the material to fit within this format, delivering a burner, Mangled LSD Lines, which we then pressed in a one time edition of two hundred and fifty copies, resulting in ‘audial LSD000’. (Email lsd@landandseadept.com for purchase information.)