Longman & Eagle x Pipeworks Beer

Art Direction / Design


Always a champion of collaborating with local, like-minded folks, Longman and Eagle is always proud to work with Pipeworks Brewing. The teams have created two beers together -- Brown & Stirred, and the Brown & Stirred Barrel-Aged Remix.

In the summer of 2014, Brown & Stirred was born. A Strong Rye Ale inspired by a Manhattan, it was an instant hit with fans of both beer and whiskey. Little did these lucky drinkers know that they were in for even more surprises; only half the beer batch had been released. The other half was placed in Rittenhouse Rye barrels for aging, where it sat for nine months - with some additional cherry puree added in about half way through and the barrel itself added a tannic bitterness.


Longman : Pipeworks Process.JPG

Released in celebration of Whiskey Week 2015, the Brown & Stirred Barrel-Aged Remix is proof that whiskey & beer make a perfect couple: A Manhattan-Inspired Belgian Strong Rye Ale, aged in Rye barrels, with just enough spice, cherry sweetness, & lasting bitterness to make your mouths happy.

Both beers feature label art from the LSD Art Dept. with illustrations from Cody Hudson.