Zola Jesus @ The Garfield Park Conservatory

Art Direction / Design / Produce


For LSD0026, we once again turned to the beautiful Garfield Park Conservatory, this time to present the Chicago debut of a collaborative performance between Zola Jesus and Foetus founder and ‘industrial outsider’ JG Thirlwell.

The two performed works based on compositions penned by Nika Roza Danilova (Zola Jesus), which where arranged and set to strings by JG Thirlwell for the quartet format.


The two introduced a live version of the project at the Guggenheim Museum, an outing so successful it inspired the two to commit the arranged pieces to tape. That album, Versions, was released by the venerable experimental label Sacred Bones.

For this engagement, the sold out performance consisted of a single program of music, focusing only on the work of Zola Jesus, performed by Danilova, Thirwell and New York-based group The Mivos Quartet, consisting of cello, viola and two violins.

LSD partner Cody Hudson created a unique newsprint “program” for the event, one that unfolded for use as our promotional poster, given to attendees as they entered the venue space.