Everybody Street Afterparty


“It’s the story of obsession, one that has endured through a century of changes in technology: What makes some people stand on a rough corner for days at a time, all to capture something that exists for only an instant?”
– The New York Times

For LSD0028, Land and Sea Dept. was asked to participate in the screening of Cheryl Dunn’s excellent (!) documentary piece on street photography, Everybody Street.

The film was screened at the Gene Siskel Film Center here in Chicago, and Land and Sea Dept. – in conjunction with our pals at Alldayeveryday and Drag City – organized an afterparty event at local venue The Hideout, where we screened film outtakes, Dunn discussed the film, and then the band Endless Boogie performed live, the sonically evocative five-piece that also scored the film.