From Good Stock

Art Direction / Build / Curate / Produce

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Conceived by LSD executive director Elana Green, ‘From Good Stock’ is a seasonal supper club series that offers talented chefs the opportunity to create unique menus based on personal passions and seasonal whims, coupled with our penchant for art, design and music.

We offer chefs the opportunity to present menus and menu items that may or would not work in traditional restaurant environment, allowing them to experiment with ingredients or pairings that fall outside the realm of their day-to-day experiences.

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These are casual, intimate evenings, where participants dine with equally curious guests. Events generally take place at the Land and Sea Dept. studio, a warehouse environment uniquely staged per outing using an evolving series of artworks, design elements, layouts, lighting and music.

So far, we have done dinners inspired by campfires and fall harvests, have built four-foot wooden smorgasbord platters, roasted a lamb, wood roasted steak, worked with a dessert using snow (in August) and then have done so (so!) many beverage pairings. Oh, and we’ve even tried to recreate and replicate Wisconsin!


Past participants have included chefs Shay Linkus (Vanguard), Alexandra Manley (Josephine House), Jonathan Meyer (Broken Shaker), Hunter Moore (Parson’s Chicken & Fish), Joe Muench (Maxie’s), Andy Ricker (Pok Pok), Andrew Tarlow (Diner), Katrina Zito (St. Anselm) and more!

We have collaborated with artists and designers like Leah BallBiting LouseFoxglove StudioMarius Glauer, and others.

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