Liturgy @ Land and Sea Dept.

Art Direction / Curate / Design / Produce


‘Transcendental Black Metal’ band Liturgy was looking for unique performance opportunities to showcase and support the rerelease of their debut album Renihilation. We decided to host a performance with them in our studio space in Chicago.

We collaborated with our shopmates Versus (formerly Dictator) to build a sculptural backdrop for the performance, using their beautiful, handmade amplifiers and heads as an extension and reinterpretation of Liturgy's ’stage aesthetic.'


We also reached out to artist, collaborator, and friend Terence Hannum, who presented some wicked projected visual elements in the space —work that established the evening’s tone from the start.

The event was furthered enhanced by a set from experimental duo White / Light, and our pals at Solemn Oath Brewery served up some of their fine, fine beers to all involved.