Game Room Chicago

Art Direction / Concept / Curate / Restaurant

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Located within the historic Chicago Athletic Association project, the Game Room is a fully restored activities space designed by acclaimed New York-based firm Roman & Williams.

Land and Sea Dept. worked closely with Roman & Williams to develop the space operationally, and it’s one of four concepts developed and overseen by the LSD team.

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An expansive, impressive space, the Game Room features billiards tables, checker and chess tables, an oyster shell-filled bocce court, shuffleboard and more.

As with the neighboring Cherry Circle Room, Land and Sea Dept. worked with Stock Mfg. to design and develop a uniform system for the staff, playful and sporty fashions that feature color block button ups and khaki joggers.

We had the pleasure of finally working with Texas-based artists LAND, who created the ‘history of balls’ mural on the room’s south wall, as well as the identity program for the various design and print elements found throughout.

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Executive Chef Peter Coenen created an imaginative menu of items that are inspired by and play with various concession and street food favorites, including corn dogs, duck sausage, fried oysters, fried pickle pops, hush puppies and more.

Beverage Director Paul McGee developed a cocktail program for the space that plays with and references classic cocktail canons – the Collins, the highball, the old fashioned, the sour and more– that vary seasonally.

An accessible, energetic space, the Game Room is unique among the many Land and Sea Dept. concepts, an often-raucous experience that offers high-spirited good times in a stunning, architecturally significant environment.