Monument Ale

Design / Produce


As active members of the local community where we largely reside and work, Land and Sea Dept. has been advocating on behalf of Logan Square Preservation for years, in support of their maintenance and restoration efforts in the Logan Square neighborhood.

Logan Square Preservation is a non-profit community organization dedicated to educating citizens about architecture, beautification and history, and have spearheaded a number of initiatives around the neighborhood, from architectural tours to tree planting drives.

A recent effort to preserve and repair the Illinois Centennial Monument (the very heart of the neighborhood) required more funds than the group could muster, so we put ourselves to the task of developing a fundraising initiative for the project.

In addition to consciousness and fundraising, we wanted to develop something broad-based and engaging, so we settled in on beer. (Everyone loves it, right?) From there, we approached our friends and neighbors at Revolution Brewing, who quickly agreed to develop a special brew specific to the cause, and the ‘Monument’ ale was born.

We next approached our many taste-making neighbors, and all agreed to bring on the limited edition ale, donating one dollar per pour back to the Logan Preservation group, resulting in a total raise of over $9000.00 dollars.

Many thanks all of the beer drinkers, businesses and friends that participated!