Franklin BBQ x LSD 2015

Art Direction / Produce


In early 2015, we were asked if we’d be interested in collaborating in Chicago on a pop-up project with the Franklin Barbecue team out of Austin, Texas, one that would take place over the course of the Independence Day holiday.

Why, yes, absolutely!

We had the great pleasure of working closely with Aaron and Stacy Franklin in developing a three day program of events that sought to offer Chicagoans an opportunity to experience the world of cook, educator, restaurateur and – most recently – a James Beard Award-winner .


We agreed on a communal, party-friendly format, a ticketed affair that included drinks (plenty of them) and food in a loose, shared environment that encouraged camaraderie. Tickets were limited to 300 guests.

They sold out in less than three minutes.

In early July, Aaron and his team drove a smoker all the way up from Texas, set up shop at our East Garfield Park studio, and set themselves up for three days of drinking, eating and all out revelry.

Parson’s Chicken & Fish chef Hunter Moore assisted, sourcing local product, using his kitchen to create appetizers and sides for the events. Charlie Schott, also of Parson’s, created three summer cocktail pairings and then layered in self-serve Texas favorites Lone Star and Shiner to round things out. Each day, 100 lucky Chicagoans joined us for a full night of drinking, eating and hanging out with Aaron and his team. Aaron signed copies of his acclaimed new book, A Meat Smoking Manifesto, and good times – many of them – were had by all.



Artist and illustrator Ryan Duggan designed and printed a limited edition run of prints for the event, copies of which may be available on our web store. A huge thanks to our friend Johnny Sarkis for coordinating, thanks also to all that came out, and then big propers to the Franklin Barbeque team – we love you guys.

And, yes, we are still dreaming of brisket.