Parson's Hot Sauce

Art Direction / Concept / Produce


In 2016, after three jam packed (and delicious) years, the team at Parson's decided it was finally time to give the people what they’ve been asking for since day one - bottles of Chef Hunter’s original recipe hot sauces to take home.

We're pleased to say that now both are available in their signature flavors: Red and Yellow.


A medium hot heat, Red features a piquancy, with most of the bite coming from guajillo chiles. Arbol chiles (bright and spicy peppers, very similar to cayenne) bring a depth of flavor, while white vinegar and slow cooked garlic makes this highly acidic and robust.


A spicy (read: hot!) topping, habanero chiles give Parson’s Yellow a tropical-tinged heat. Fried garlic deepens the taste with a rich, toasted flavor, and stewed carrots lend a bit of sweetness.

Come in and grab a bottle today!