Beach House Installation Show



As an adjunct to their 2015 concert tour, Baltimore pop band Beach House decided to add complimenting, intimate ‘installation’ shows in many cities, Chicago included, taking place in art spaces, community centers, galleries and the like.

Land and Sea Dept. was asked to locate the venue and then present and produce the Chicago installment of these informal performances, and we did so with much enthusiasm.

The performance was held, fittingly, at Open Secret Studios, a bi-level arts and studio space in the West Loop. There was no promotion to speak of, only a quiet announcement directly from the band, with the presenter and location remaining a secret until the day of the show. Tickets sold out in less than three minutes, and many of our own friends didn’t even know about the show until after it was over.

From a production standpoint, the band asked for a totally darkened space where they performed in the midst of a light and video-based installation set that highlighted their aesthetic ambitions, enrapturing the seated audience (many on pillows they brought.) directly surrounding them.

It was the sort of engagement we’ve all dreamed of at one time or another, one where we get to share a private performance with one of our favorite bands in a small, tight setting.