Cherry Circle Room at 555 Cochon


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In mid-March of 2017, Chef Pete Coenen (Cherry Circle Room, Lost Lake, Lonesome Rose) was invited to compete in the Chicago edition of Cochon 555, a competition championing heritage bred pigs.

Six chefs, including Pete, were paired with a local farmer who would provide a pig. The chef’s job, then, was to create a pig-centric feast for a panel of local judges, using as much of the pig as possible in the most creative (and delicious) way possible.

Photos: Galdones Photography/COCHON 555

Photos: Galdones Photography/COCHON 555


Chef Pete spent a month brainstorming, testing, and planning, and together with an all-star team of support including Executive Pastry Chef Kristine Antonian (Cherry Circle Room, Lost Lake), Chefs de Cuisine Fred Noinaj (Lost Lake), and sous chefs Elias Reyes (Lonesome Rose), Sal Moreno (Lonesome Rose), and Leo Cervantes (Cherry Circle Room) he put together a six dish menu that was a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.