LSD x Pitchfork Music Festival

Art Direction / Produce


In spring of 2017, Longman & Eagle’s bar team took a trip to Fennville, MI, the home of Virtue Cider. They collaborated with the Virtue team on an afternoon of cider exploration -- they discovered and blended ciders that brought back memories of bands that never existed (but should have!).

The resulting brew was a natural, unfiltered, uncarbonated cider that's both a 'lil funky and a 'lil tart. Lower your glass, fill it up from a distance with extended arms, then raise it back up and cheers with us to L&E’s new beloved collaboration with Virtue --  Garage Core!


Participants included Pete Coenen (Cherry Circle Room), Jason Hammel and Sarah Rinkavage (Lula Café), Allie and Rob Levitt (The Butcher & Larder), Matthias Merges (A10Billy SundayYusho), Leigh Omilinsky (Nico Osteria), Mindy Segal (Hot Chocolate) and Illiana Regan (Elizabeth).

The event sold out quickly, and proceeds from it were donated to local NPR affiliate WBEZ to help with the continued support and underwriting of the Sound Opinions program.