They Call Us The Seekers Installation at CAA

Curate / Produce

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In celebration of the Chicago Marathon, Land and Sea Dept. worked with artist Adam Geremia on an installation in the Drawing Room of the Chicago Athletic Association, called They Call Us The Seekers.

From the artist: 

We are The Seekers, an intentional community of meditative runners. The Seekers reject the notion that faster is better. Personal athleticism has been co-opted by the running-industrial complex, in which selling product is more important than spiritual awakening.

Our goal: reclaim running with the power transcendent experience through movement. What we’re seeking can’t be bought or sold, it can’t be measured in miles. We seek the ecstatic.

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Adam Geremia is the founder and leader of The Seekers. He has several projects exploring the nature of consciousness, the senses, and creating experiences that connect us to our bodies and our environment.

He advocates for short shorts. See more of his work at