Golden Teardrops

Design / Produce


Golden Teardrops is a basement bar hidden beneath all-day restaurant Lonesome Rose. Serving straightforward (and spirit forward) cocktails, beers, and shots, Golden Teardrops is a place for forgetting.

Though Land and Sea Dept. designed the space to be very (very) dimly lit, thoughtful design details weren’t neglected. Gold-veined mirrored tiles cover the walls and ceilings, which create an intimate space that never feels claustrophobic. Bartenders wear white shirts and black ties, and menus, text, and collateral are simple, yet considered.


A custom built wooden bar, made by LSD companion company Mode Carpentry, runs almost the entire length of the space and features built-in, overhead storage and cabinets for glassware and bottles.

The focal point of the room is the large neon behind the bar reading “WEDDINGS & FUNERALS.” Two occasions where, as with Golden Teardrops, the best and worst things can happen.