Land and Sea Dept. is a concept and project development studio working cohesively and creatively across disciplines.

Our principals—Cody Hudson, Jon Martin, Robert McAdams and Peter Toalson—have collective decades of involvement in the fields of art, construction, design, event production, identity, marketing, music and woodworking, experiences that allow us to apply our unique creative perspectives across a wide variety of applications.

Thus far, our work has focused on actualizing concepts, partnerships and projects that we find engaging, intriguing and necessary. In realizing these, creativity has been our tool of choice, allowing us to work through the challenges, constraints and obstacles that often delay, prolong or stymie the sorts of endeavors we find so vital.

We have completed a wide range of projects at this point, including art exhibitions, bars, film screenings, live concerts, restaurants, structural designs and more.

We are—always—developing and discussing concepts, ideas and projects; ranging in practicality, scope and size, for sure, but passion projects, all of them.





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Cody Hudson

Jon Martin

Robert McAdams

Pete Toalson

Elana Green
Executive Director

Charlotte Croy Hudson
Graphic Designer

Ginny Cook
Director of Events & Programming


Chloe Croom
Marketing & Events Coordinator

Jered Gummere
Director of Properties

Jill Rokusek
Office Administrator

Drew Ryan
Art Director

Carrie Sloan
Director of Marketing, Partnerships & PR

Kristianna Smith
Director of Finance