Longman & Eagle x Virtue Cider: Garage Core Launch


This spring, Longman & Eagle’s bar team took a trip to Fennville, MI, the home of Virtue Cider, to discover and blend ciders that brought back memories of bands that never existed (but should have!). The resulting brew is a natural, unfiltered, uncarbonated cider that’s both a ‘lil funky and a ‘lil tart. Lower your glass, fill it up from a distance with extended arms, then raise it back up and cheers with us to L&E’s new beloved collaboration with Virtue —  Garage Core!

Come celebrate and try the cider on Sunday, June 4 at L&E’s OSB. From 1-4p, we’ll have Garage Core on tap, cider-adjacent cocktails, garage rock from DJ Johnny Walker, and a special menu of snacks from Chef Joshua Mutchnick (L&E) and Chef Missy Corey (Virtue).

Drew Ryan