Lonesome Rose Artist Profiles: Jesse Brown


Whoah, that Lonesome Rose T-Shirt Club T sold out fast. Thanks for all the speedy orders and sorry to those folks whose orders we couldn’t fulfill. You all seem to really like Jesse Brown so we asked the Seattle-based multidisciplinary artist and designer a few questions, check it—

Where do you live?
Seattle, Washington

Favorite hangout as a teen?
Westlake, it’s the plaza downtown where everyone would skate and lurk out

Three records that shaped you?
Gravediggaz – 6 Feet Deep,  Crass – The feeding of 5000, Abdullah Ibrahim – Banyana

What’s your studio look like?


Favorite T-shirt you have lost?
George Michael Japan tour tshirt, R.I.P.

Favorite taco?
Al pastor forever

Advice for the kids?
Don’t get a face tat kiddos

Shoutout to:
All the Gods and Erfs


See more of Jesse’s work HERE and stay tuned for more releases from the Lonesome Rose T-Shirt Club in the future….

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