Lonesome Rose Artist Profiles: Bart Sasso


Did you see? The LSD Art Dept. just launched the third edition of the Lonesome Rose T-Shirt Club! “Rise and Shine” by Burt Sasso of GENTLEMAN is available on the LSD megastore now. We recently sat down with Bart Sasso to chat about the design.

What’s up with GENTLEMAN?
GENTLEMAN is a creative agency I started with another designer friend of mine, Roy Fleeman. We focus on branding and identity but do a little bit of everything. We are, most importantly, for hire.

What’s your studio look like?
My wife and I just brought home a new baby boy, so the room I used to work out of in our condo looks more like a nursery than a studio right now. I’m kind of a nomad these days: Coffee shops, Ticonderoga Club during the day, Mi Barrio, the Mexican restaurant next door to my place.

How’s been being a part of Ticonderoga Club been?
It’s been an amazing experience. My partners and I, all industry veterans, set out to create something very specific with Ticonderoga Club. Built from so many memories, we aimed to create a place that at once feels a little unhinged and exhilarating, but also extremely comfortable and familiar: Like when you’re a kid and your crazy uncle watches you for the day and he takes you to a townie bar to watch a ballgame and it feels a little scary… but you also love every second of it. Two and a half years in, I’m proud to say it’s become so much more. We take hospitality very seriously and seeing the ripple effect it can create is inspiring.

First design-related gig?
First real compensated gig was designing flyers for punk shows around Atlanta when I was in high school in exchange for guest list for me and my friends. RIP The Point.

Most underrated Atlanta band/artist/rapper?
Our bud Philip’s band OMNI is excellent. They’ve gotten a bit of national buzz, but deserve more. And I’m really into the new Trouble / Mike WiLL Made-It album Edgewood. It just sounds like Atlanta right now. And my buddy Diwang Valdez did photography for the album.

Fav atlanta hotspots?
I kind of veer away from the new hotspots and tend to prefer old standbys. If I’m out with friends, chances are I’m at The Local, Righteous Room, Manuel’s or Bookhouse Pub. The wife and I love Sotto Sotto for dinner because it’s old school and quiet and perfect. Oh, and the Victory guys are friends – their places are always a great time.

Usual Taco Bell order?
I used to fuss with more extravagant menu items, but my wife really brought me around to the elegant simplicity of the bean burrito. We even went as far as dialing in an at-home version and now always keep the supplies in the pantry.

Dream vanity plate?
I’ve never considered a vanity plate… BENICE maybe? Atlanta traffic drives people to insanity. 

Shoutout to:
Drew Ryan and Jesse Brown. I love their work and I’m honored to be featured in the same series as them. And always, shoutout to the haters. ✌️