Shift-Ease + The Outpost


Tonight is a double whammy of good drinks and good vibes at Lost Lake.

It’s the final night of The Outpost, bartender Matthew Colin Clark’s homage to the safe havens created by small town gay bars across the country. From Matthew: “I’m inspired by small town gay bars, and the ways they can become a haven and home for those outcast and marginalized by society-at-large. Everyone deserves a little escape for the price of a drink, and The Outpost is an expression of my own escapist ‘tiki’ fantasy through the lens of a country western gay bar.”

On top of that, SHIFT-EASE, Lost Lake’s monthly charitable party, is back, this time fighting the adminstration’s actions at the border. Profits from Shift-Ease drink sales will directly benefit Organized Communities Against Deportation, an undocumented-led group that organizes against deportations, detention, criminalization and incarceration of Black, brown, and immigrant communities in Chicago and the surrounding areas.

The Outpost is open at 5pm, and Shift-Ease gets going at 9pm — come and post up for the night!

Lost LakeDrew Ryan