Lonesome Rose T-Shirt Club 004


The Lonesome Rose T-Shirt Club is back with design 004 — "Tuxedo Mask's Lonely Rose" — from graphic designer Eileen Tjan.

Eileen Tjan is the Creative Director of Other Studio, her branding agency based here in Chicago. Other Studio designs and creates print campaigns, photography, video, websites, posters, packaging, or animation for clients across a range of disciplines — we're big fans.

Like all of our Lonesome Rose T-Shirt Club T-Shirts, this edition is a one time limited run (no reprints). These shirts go fast, so make sure you grab yours now. Or you might lose your chance.

Photographer Alexa Viscius shot Eileen herself (!) modeling the new shirt while hanging around Lonesome Rose. 

It’s available at Lonesome Rose or on the LSD webstore!

Photos: Alexa Viscius / @alexavisciusphoto

Drew Ryan