Brunch at Lonesome Rose

Brunch at Lonesome Rose just got better! 

In addition to breakfast tacos, juices, and smoothies, we've expanded our weekday breakfast menu so you can fuel up during the work week. Try our Avocado Toast with Texas Toast, Avocado Schmear, Marinated Tomato, Radish, Peanut Salsa Macha, and Cotija or the Wake & Baked Migas Sandwich with Fritos Baked Migas, American Cheese, Jalapeño Jelly, Arugula, and Pickled Onion on a Potato Bun.

Weekends, however, are made for big brunches. After a long night of margaritas and Lone Stars, you need to recover with some hearty, eggy goodness. Our new, weekend brunch menu hits the spot with items like Country Fried Ribeye with Chorizo, Red Eye Gravy, Fried Egg, Texas Toast and Scallions and Buttermilk French Toast with Caramelized Banana, Cinnamon Sugar, Puffed Rice and Maple Syrup.

Whether it's Wednesday morning meeting fuel with our Breakfast Bowl, or Chilaquiles when you're struggling after a Friday night out with your crew, we've got all your brunch needs covered. 

Drew Ryan