Quiet Life X Lonesome Rose

Art Direction / Design


In 2018, Lonesome Rose launched a collaboration line with The Quiet Life. Led by Andy Mueller, an LA-based designer with deep Chicago roots, The Quiet Life has been committed to bringing us stylish, quality garments built for everyday wear since 1997. They're made to withstand the heat from our kitchen, yet airy enough to catch that cool pacific breeze.

Lonesome Rose had two releases in 2018, including a variety of hats, tees (long and short sleeved), and hoodies.

The limited-edition line is available at Lonesome Rose in Chicago (2101 N. California Ave.) while supplies last, The Quiet Life shop in LA (5627 N Figueroa St.), and online. 

Photographers Alexa Viscius and Lyndon French shot the collections with some of our Lonesome Rose and LSD HQ staff.