LSD at Chicago Printers Guild Publishers Fair

Since 2009 the Chicago Printers Guild (CPG) has cultivated print culture through monthly meetings of its members. This year, the CPG is holding its first annual publishers fair, happening at Elastic Arts in Logan Square on November 18 and 19. Over the course of the two days, the CPG hopes to offer a strong platform of exchange for the public to intersect with artists who “make things print.”

Lots of our favorite artists and publishers will be there (Nadine Nakanishi and Nick Butcher of Sonnenzimmer, Clay Hickson of Tan & Loose Press, Ryan Duggan of Drug Factory Press, and many more!), and Land and Sea Dept. will be on hand for drinks and refreshments both days.

Full details are here – hope to see you there.

LSD@CAADrew Ryan