Interview with Eileen Tjan

photos: Alexa Viscius

photos: Alexa Viscius

We’re almost sold out of Eileen’s new shirt design “Tuxedo Mask’s Lonely Rose” so be sure to snatch one up while you can! Until then, check out an interview (er…more of a questionnaire) with Eileen conducted by LSD Art Director Drew Ryan—

Hey Eileen! What's good?
*alt answer* Chicken butt.

First proper design-related gig?
I tried to make logos for local bands in high school, they were really bad. Lots of stars... My first adult job was at BBDO! 

Seemingly insignificant moment from your childhood that shaped you?
Sailor Moon, Escaflowne, Trigun, Gundam... I mean anime that was widely accessible to kids in America was absolutely influential in securing my obsession with art/design. And continuing to love anime definitely influences the things I like today and what I design (probably).

What've you been listening to this week?
I've been driving around a lot in my trip to Seattle. So I've been cruise controlling on a lot of my overplayed playlists and what my boyfriend has been playing.  Let's see, in "last played" Spotify remembers... Kllo, Gøggs, Show Me The Body, Perera Elsewhere, Babyteeth, Bully, Naomi Punk, Danny L Harle, Heathered Pearls, Show Me the Body, 3Teeth, Tycho... I mean what's happening here, a lot of music.

What's up with Other Studio?
OTHER Studio is my independent design studio that I formed after I moved back to Chicago in 2014 (shout out to an anniversary party later this fall). We're a multi-disciplinary design studio that pushes graphic boundaries, and pulls a lot of international aesthetic inspiration. I would like to say it is a Concept Studio—a design shop that clients come to because they enjoy our POV and the way we use design to solve problems. BUT, that's pretty unusual term maybe? I think it's easier to say we're a branding studio that handles logos, collateral, websites, video, and all things related to your brand but how dreamy would it be to say like... need a good looking, smart creative solution? Whatever it is, WE GOTCHU. 

What's your studio look like?
It's a loft space in an artist owned building where our longest wall is all windows overlooking Humboldt Park. Some days I wish it looked like a pristine all white studio space with designer furniture, like many I've worked in, but it's not. It's a textural mix of wood, metal, plastic, patterns, prints, half alive plants, and the work of my studio-mates. HVNTERGVTHERER, previously Keara Stick and Poke, Maggie Famiglietti, Justin Duncan, and Alex Wallbaum all share this space as well. We're kind of like a creative co-op. So it's definitely, not minimal, but that'd be boring right?

Go-to pantone color?
Erm. Warm Gray 1C or any of the fluorescent colors. Or like any of the bright greens and bright blues... things you can't print with CMYK... I'm always rooting for PMS.

Still got that risograph?
Yea, can you like come over and print on it with me. It's so lonely and grumpy.

Favorite fabric? Oh shit. Any color PVC (I like clear, fluorescent orange, and black). I'm too mindless to take care of Latex and Leather properly...


Do you keep an eye on any tattoo artists?
Mmhm, Raph Cemo is the #1 homie best uniquely talented super wicked. I believe he's tattooed me the most. Followed by Bastien Jean has also tattooed me a lot. And local champion Tine DeFiore of Black Oak. Incredible. But also to note, my old studiomate Keara does some really crazy stick n pokes.

Have you ever been to Del Taco?
Uh oh... no is the answer supposed to be yes?

Shoutout to—
MRDREWRYAN for being really supportive. It can be hard out there in this industry and getting to do work together is pretty fuckin' cool. My Mom for not disowning me when I dropped out of Math and Science Academy to take Graphic Communications at Tech School. Big shoutouts to Shang Drop and Alex (Uh, hey Alexa, ???) for catching me in the worst instagram stories of the year.

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