Drew Ryan: Keep Staring I Might Do A Trick—Closing Party


This Saturday is stacked! Make sure you head to Marz Community Brewing for the closing party of Keep Staring, I Might Do a Trick, a show by LSD art director Drew Ryan. 

The closing party on Saturday, September 29, from 7-11pm, will be super special. 

Garrett David (of QUEEN! / Smartbar) is performing his first ever live set, along with Chicago Jim, Pearl Vision, and Temp. Marz's new beer - Marz Matcha Mochi Stout with Vanilla and Lactose (featuring a label by Drew Ryan) will be available, and there will be a limited run of long sleeve blacklight-reactive t-shirts, posters, and art for sale. 

It's gonna be a party!

LSD Art Dept.Drew Ryan